The August Wilson African American Cultural Center is a home for the arts, storytelling, learning and exchange around the African American experience and the rich culture of the African diaspora. We are guided by the enduring truths and essential values evident in the work of August Wilson. 


The August Wilson African American Cultural Center facilities are not available for the following:

Political meetings or events

Religious Services

The Center prohibits any form of gambling activity, laser shows, fog or smoke machines, live animals, balloons, and glitter.

All events are expected to harmonize with the character and mission of the Center.   Events may not cause any hazard or impose undue hardship to the Center and its exhibitions, facilities, staff and visitors. Events must be in conformance with the Center’s established regulations. All costs associated with an event will be the responsibility of the sponsoring organization.  Failure to pay assigned rental fees, use of profanity, threatening language, or aggressive behavior towards AWAACC staff, or proposed events that don’t support the mission will result in an inability to rent the AWAACC.  

At this time, wedding events or social parties cannot be accommodated due to programming guidelines and staff limitations.  It is our policy to reserve this space for artistic and community enrichment purposes only.


  1. Is my event automatically added to the AWAACC calendar after I complete the online rental inquiry form? 

No. Each rental inquiry is reviewed internally. Within a week, and if your event meets our criteria, you will be contacted to discuss the inquiry further.

  1. Does my hold on the calendar guarantee that my event is happening at AWAACC? 

No. All calendar holds are temporary until you receive an official written confirmation of your dates/times. You must confirm your date (s) within 3 business days of notification.  

After confirming your dates and meeting with the events team, a fully executed signed contract and 50% of your total estimated expenses are due soon after your meeting. The final balance and insurance documents are due thirty (30) days prior to the event. A detailed timeline will be attached to the Center’s Agreement.

  1. Am I able to display artwork outside of the galleries? 

All exhibition work is displayed inside one of the three galleries. However, if you would like to temporarily display artwork in other areas for your event, you must provide easels, shelves or the proper display apparatuses. Hanging artwork on the walls outside of the galleries is prohibited.

All displays must be approved in advance. 

  1. Can I bring in catering?

Yes. However, we recommend using one of the AWAACC preferred catering companies. Should you decide to select a catering company not on the AWAACC preferred list, you will be charged a $500.00 fee and your selected catering company will be required to provide licenses and insurance. 

  1. Can I sell tickets to my event? 

Yes, however you must use the AWAACC box office for all ticket sales and pay box office service fee and ticket printing fee.  If you determine to use an outside ticketing service, your event will not be on the Culturaldistrict.org website.

  1. May I use the AWAACC logo in marketing for my event?

Any marketing for events held at the AWAACC must be approved by the AWAACC marketing team and logo inclusion must be approved as well.  If marketing isn’t approved prior to being made public, the event is subject to cancellation, with nonrefundable deposit. Events are not to be advertised or placed on sale prior to the signing of the Lease Agreement.  


• Will I be required to sign a contract and to supply insurance?

Yes. If you wish to confirm your date, a nonrefundable deposit equivalent to the venue rental fee is required along with your signed contract and a certificate of insurance (COI).

• How far in advance do you book your venue?

Our books open on January 2 for the following Fiscal Year (January 1- December 31). We book our venue on a first-come, first-served basis. Venue rates are subject to change

• How can I arrange a site visit of the venue(s) in which I am interested?

Site visits are available by appointment only, at least four business days in advance. We schedule visits Monday through Thursday, 10am–6pm. To make an appointment, please send an email to info@aacc-awc.org.

• Is there parking available to guests?

There are several parking garages within walking distance of our theater.  For more information click here.

• Does the August Wilson African American Cultural Center have access for persons with disabilities?

Information about our venue and accessibility is posted online here.