1. Is my event automatically added to the AWC calendar after I complete the online rental inquiry form? 
    No. Each rental inquiry is reviewed internally. Within the week, the renter will be contacted to discuss the inquiry further. This correspondence will determine if your event will be added to the calendar.
  2. Does my hold on the calendar guarantee that my event is happening at AWC? 
    No. All calendar holds are temporary until the official confirmation of your event. This process is twofold. We will expect confirmation from you once you’ve finalized all of the details of the event and are ready for leasing. After which, a confirmation email will come from the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust.
  3. Am I able to display artwork outside of the galleries? 
    All exhibition work is displayed inside one of the three galleries. However, if you would like to temporarily display artwork in other areas for your event, you must provide easels, shelves or the proper display apparatuses. Hanging artwork on the walls outside of the galleries is prohibited.
  4. Can I bring in catering? 
    Yes, however all catering must come from one of the preferred caterers on the AWC list.
  5. Can I sell tickets to my event? 
    Yes, however you must use the PCT box office for all ticket sales. $175 box office service fee, $40 ticket printing fee.