In order to qualify for these rates, the organization must be registered with the IRS as a 501(c) 3 organization and be able to provide a copy of the most recent Form 990 (Tax Return).

Community Groups are not-for-profit and/or non-professional organizations (generally, groups whose performers do not receive fees), and not-for-profit service organizations whose programs and services are offered and presented to their constituencies or audiences free of charge.  

Full Facility, Lobby and Meeting Room Rental Rates:

*Annual Budget

FIRST FLOOR *Over 1 million *Over $500,000 *$250K – $500K *less than 250K Community Group
ENTIRE CENTER RENTAL $4,500 $3,500 $2,500 $1,600 $1,600
Davenport Lobby $500 $350 $250 $150 $150
Café $1,100 $750 $550 $350 $350
RP Simmons Lobby $500 $350 $275 $150 $150
Multipurpose Studio $650 $450 $350 $225 $225
Highmark Room $600 $375 $275 $200 $200
Donor Lounge $300 $225 $150 $100 $100

Theater Rental Rates:

Covers the rental of the theater only. Does not include production cost!

*Annual Budget

THEATER *Over 1 million *Over $500,000 *$250K – $500K *Less than 250K Community Group
Monday $875 $800 $600 $500 $500
Tues – Wed $1,100 $900 $650 $550 $550
Thurs – Sun $1,300 $1,000 $700 $600 $600
Mon – Sun $875 $800 $600 $500 $500

Insurance, Security, Box Office and Front of House:

This section covers common insurance fees and requirements, some common permits, ticketing/box office services, fees and costs, and staffing fees and requirements.  Other insurance, permit, box office and staffing costs may apply.


*General Liability $145 per performance

All renters are responsible for this pro-rated portion of the theater premium for General Liability insurance. 

*Security $312.50 minimum per performance Off Duty Officer

All renters are responsible for this cost to ensure public safety.  Required for guest attendance greater than 150.  Other costs may apply

Metal Detectors $75 per hour/one metal detector

$100 per hour/ two metal detectors

All renters are responsible for this cost to ensure public safety.  Required for guest attendance greater than 300.  Other costs may apply

Box Office Service $250 per performance
Ticket Printing $50 per performance
Facility Fee $1 per ticket

All tickets sold are subject to the facility fee. This fee is included in the face value of the ticket.  All facility fee revenue is used to offset the fixed operation costs and maintenance of the AWAACC theater

Cultural District Fee $1.25 per ticket

All tickets sold are subject to this fee.  This revenue supports various District initiatives, including the shared technology systems that enable ticketing services. 

Credit Card Fees 3.0% x gross Credit Card Sales

Credit Card fees are charged to the presenter.  These fees are determined by the Credit Card companies and are subject to change without notice. Under no circumstances may these fees be passed on as an add-on to the customer

House Manager $130 per performance

Required for theater performances

Coat Check $15 per hour/ checker 
Bartender $25 per hour / bartender
Bar $100 per bar

The AWAACC will provide the use of the in-house bar for rentals.  This fee is used to offset the care and maintenance of the bars

Stage Labor and Equipment Rental:

This section covers labor requirements, equipment rentals & inventories, equipment use, and other theatrical technical aspects of the AWAACC. This is not a complete list.


Labor Costs
*Production Manager $250 per day

AWAACC Production Manager will be responsible for theater crew management, on-site safety and accessibility, active site visits, technical and design support for lighting, audio, rigging and A/V and city permitting assistance.

Stagehands At Cost

Theater renters are required to use the AWAACC stage crew for all production work, including but limited to: rigging, lighting, sound systems fly systems, scenery, props, banners, film and video displays.  Renters will be charged for the cost of such labor on the final event settlement invoice.  Renters are bound to follow work rules and conditions as laid out in the AWAACC contract with the stagehand’s union. 

Vendors/Contractors At Cost

If a production requires the rental and/or use of specialized equipment that is not included in the AWAACC theater in-house inventory, the renter will be responsible for equipment rental costs and any additional vendor/contractor staffing, operator, or delivery costs.

Production Runners At Cost

AWAACC production management can arrange for the hiring and employment of production runners/assistants.  Under no circumstances may such runners/assistants be employed to operate multi-passenger vehicles in place of ground transportation.

Lighting $200 per performance
Sound $200 per performance
Video Projection $185 per use
Dance Floor $60 per performance
Piano Tuning At cost per service

Typically, $180 per tuning

Wi-Fi Boost $25 per performance