Seating and Scaling

Section Rows Capacity
Orchestra Pit AA-BB 28
Orchestra Front A-G 161
Orchestra Rear H-M 127
Orchestra ADA* Row G 4
   Orchestra Total (320)
Balcony AA-EE 150
Balcony ADA* (Row EE) 2
   Balcony Total (152)
Total 472 seats

*ADA Seats are reserved for use by patrons who use wheelchairs. Additional accessible seating may be available. Please inquire with AACC Theater Management

August Wilson Center Detailed Seating Chart


Non-Profit Rates and Charges

In order to qualify for non-profit rental pricing the renting organization must be registered with the IRS as a 501(C)3 and have active or a documented-pending non-profit status, or be applying under a designated Pittsburgh-based lead organization with active or documented-pending 501(C)3 status. Certain small community groups may also qualify.





2019 (EFFECTIVE JANUARY 1, 2019)

*Community Groups are not-for-profit organizations (generally groups whose performers do not receive fees) and not-for-profit service organizations whose programs and services are offered and presented to their constituencies or audiences free of charge.

Some or all of the following fees may apply to your event.

Amusement Permit $ 43 per day
Live Flame Permit $ 15 per event
Traffic Obstruction $ 75 per vehicle
 Ticketing/Box Office
 Service & Handling  varies by event
 Facility Fee  $ 1.00 per paid ticket
 Cultural District Fee  $ 1.25 per paid ticket
 Credit Card Fees  3% x gross CC/internet sales
 Group Sales  10% x gross Group Sales
 Amusement Tax  0% x gross sales
 Box Office Services  $175 per performance
 Ticket Printing  $ 40 per performance
 Front of House Services
 Staffing Fee  $ 255 per performance
 Doorman Fee  $ 52 per performance
 Stage Labor
 Stagehands  At Cost
 Stage Equipment
   Basic System $180 per performance
   Side Lighting $180 per performance
   Followspots $ 65 per performance
   Additional Light Costs TBD based upon production
    Basic System  $125 per performance
    Portable PA  $ 35 per performance
    CD/MP3 Player  $ 20 per performance
    Additional Sound Costs  TBD based upon production
 Hazer / Fog  At Cost
    Steinway 7′ Grand  $ 45 per performance
    Kimball Upright  $ 25 per performance
 Dance Floor  $ 60 per performance
 Video Projection  At Cost
 Lag Bolt Repair  $ 25 per bolt hole