What is the significance of August Wilson’s name being associated with the August Wilson African American Cultural Center?

August Wilson’s name is synonymous with African American culture. If one reads his plays or listens to interviews with him, it is clear that August Wilson committed his life to the documentation of African American life and to giving voice to the people, places, and language that shaped his worldview. In honor of his contributions to the cultural landscape, the August Wilson African American Cultural Center is dedicated to generating artistic, educational, and community initiatives that advance the playwright’s legacy and celebrate Black culture and the African diaspora. 

What type of programming does the August Wilson African American Cultural Center offer?

The Center curates and programs its own season of exhibitions and performances and collaborates with guest curators to bring together artists whose work reflects African American experiences and the universal issues of identity that August Wilson tackled through his body of work, which still resonate today. 

In its two exhibition spaces, the Center curates rotating visual arts exhibitions that feature works by locally and nationally recognized and emerging artists, open to the public and free of charge. The Center also offers year-round music, dance, theater, and film programs, including the annual Pittsburgh International Jazz Festival, Black Bottom Film Festival, the TRUTHSayers speaker series, and community days that offer free, family-friendly programming.

Does AWAACC have any initiatives that honor August Wilson’s legacy?

In partnership with Constanza Romero Wilson, Wilson’s widow and executor of the August Wilson Estate, the Center is creating August Wilson: A Writer’s Landscape, a permanent, interactive exhibition dedicated to the life, work, and legacy of August Wilson. Opening in late 2020, the exhibition will showcase the universal themes the prolific playwright tackled and the enduring relevance of his work through reproductions and artifacts from Wilson’s life and notable productions of his work; elements that invite patrons to address the issues of race, representation, family, and community; and interactive digital components that showcase each play in the American Century Cycle.

Why did the Center change its name?

When the original organization went bankrupt, a new organization was created to run the space. It was necessary both for legal and branding reasons that we change the name. The new leadership has secured a robust financial footing and introduced a committed and knowledgeable staff. Through this organizational growth, the August Wilson African American Cultural Center has advanced the legacy of August Wilson and celebrated Black culture.

Does the Center handle August Wilson’s estate?

No, but August Wilson’s estate has gifted the Center with archival materials that will be utilized in the forthcoming permanent exhibition, August Wilson: A Writer’s Landscape, about the life and legacy of August Wilson.

Is AWAACC affiliated with the August Wilson House in the Hill district?

No, the August Wilson House is owned and operated by a separate organization. 

Does the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust own and/or operate the August Wilson African American Cultural Center?

The August Wilson African American Cultural Center is neither owned, nor operated by the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust, nor is the Trust involved in the governance of the AWAACC. The Pittsburgh Cultural Trust continues to be a valued partner in the Cultural District through shared services and programming initiatives.

Who owns the building in which the August Wilson African American Cultural Center operates?

The August Wilson African American Cultural Center is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organization that owns and operates the building.

Can the August Wilson African American Cultural Center be rented?

Yes, the Center has a set of criteria that aligns with our mission and vision. We allow nonprofits and other mission-driven organizations with similar principles to rent our space. More information can be found here.

How can the community express its opinions about the August Wilson African American Cultural Center in a formalized way?

The August Wilson African American Cultural Center is committed to providing a positive experience for all visitors. The Center welcomes feedback, which can be sent to info@aacc-awc.org.

How can you become involved with the August Wilson Cultural Center?

Patrons have the opportunity to make donations year-round in support of AWAACC programming and sustainability for years to come. We have a dedicated volunteer force with whom we work at our events and programs. If you would like to learn more about volunteering, please contact us at getinvolved@aacc-awc.org for more information.