Explore Our Cultural Center in Pittsburgh

Named for the Pulitzer-prize winning playwright August Wilson, the August Wilson African American Cultural Center is a multi-purpose venue featuring three art galleries, live performance spaces, meeting areas, and unique educational classrooms for the young and old alike. Designed by renowned architect Allison Williams, the AWAACC is both a visually iconic landmark welcoming visitors to the eastern entrance of the Cultural District and a beacon of cultural excellence for the global arts community.

Our Mission

The mission of the August Wilson African American Cultural Center is to own and operate a home for the arts, storytelling, learning and exchange around the African American experience and the rich culture of the African diaspora. We are guided by the enduring truths and essential values evident in the work of August Wilson.

Our Vision

The August Wilson African American Cultural Center will be a leading presenter of the arts and cultural expression of the African diaspora and a home for the dynamic exchange of ideas that transform how people think about the world. It will be integral to the cultural fabric of its home city of Pittsburgh and known internationally for the power of its programming.

The August Wilson African American Cultural Center in Pittsburgh is poised to take great, impactful strides into the future through its wide range of offerings to the regional community, as well as national and international guests:

  • Lectures, workshops and community dialogues around race, culture and identity
  • Bridging cultural divides through art, music, dance and theater
  • Free admissions to world-class art exhibitions
  • Exceptional performances by nationally and internationally renowned artists
  • Educational Opportunities and Community Connections
  • Artist residencies
  • Rental subsidies for emerging arts organizations