Black Bottom Film

From age-old classics to contemporary work, the second annual Black Bottom Film Festival will illuminate and celebrate African American cinema and unique Black people. The festival will showcase movies that converge on the recurring themes of spirituality, race, family conflict, honor, duty and working-class struggle, themes ever-present in August Wilson’s The Pittsburgh Cycle plays. In particular, the festival will celebrate African-American filmmaking pioneers of recent decades. The BBFF fosters an examination of how Black filmmakers use art to inspire, challenge, confront, and influence American culture.

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Friday Schedule

5:30p-6:00p – Tale of Four
6:00p-7:00p – April Reign Truth Sayers Speaker Series
8:00p-8:30p – Q&A Khalil Kane
8:30p-10:20p – Love Jones – Theodore Witcher (1 hour 50 min)
10:00p-12:00a – 90’s Themed After Party with DJ Selecta

Saturday Schedule

11am-12:30 – Writers Workshop
12:30-1:30p – Wendall Freeland: A Quiet Soldier (43 MIN)
1:30p-2:40p – Odds Against Tomorrow – Harry Belafonte (1 hour 36 min)
3:00p-3:30p – Q&A Wynn Thomas
4:30p-5:00p – Awards Presentation – Wynn Thomas
5:00p-7:30p – Cinderella Man – Ron Howard (2 hr 30 min)
8:00p-10:10p – Double Play – Earnest Dickerson & Lisa Cortes (2 hr 10 min)

Sunday Schedule

11a-12:00 – Actors Workshop
12:00p-1:30p – A Litany for Survival- The Life & Work of Audre Lorde (1 hr 30 min)
1:30p-2:00p – Q&A Bobby Huntley II, Ashley Evan
2:00p-3:30p – Magnificent Life of Charlie – Bobby Huntley (1 hr 30 min)
4:00p-4:30p – Q&A Michael Phillip Edwards, Tamika Lamison
4:30p-6:00p – Last Life – Michael Phillip Edwards (1 hr 22 min)
6:30p-7:00p – Q&A Phil Cox
7:00p-8:00p – Betty Davis: They Say I’m Different – Phil Cox (55 min)